Hello dear web-surfers ! I don't want to write a novel about my life - because a few chapters would be necessary to describe every part of my musical experience...

This experience is rather eclectic: I studied classical piano during 7 years, but it was a long time ago; since I tried other styles of music in many funk, dance and jazz bands !

I still play sometimes in private parties or bar-mitzvahs, but I obviously prefer training myself in various other domains like studio sessions, concerts, music arrangement,, etc...
At the present time, I play keyboards with the band "LEGALIZIK", (Funk, acid-jazz, ragga-world mix) and I compose some music with the help of my home-studio.

----- THE STUDIO -----
PC computer

Cubase VST32 - WaveLab

16 channel- mixing console

Digital 8 track FOSTEX recorder

Synths - samplers :

Kurzweil K2000
Kurzweil Micropiano
Korg N5 and 01W
+ some oldies
like D110 and a TX7 Yamaha !